Hello, my name is Ian Galdy and I’m great at getting creative shit done.

You may ask “What kind of creative shit?” or “How could I entrust my creative shit with you?” Both are great questions and I thank you for asking them. Scroll down to get a scope of my seven plus years working professionally. If you like what you see, have any additional questions, or just want to give me a piece of your mind, let’s chat.

In any industry, the results are what count. Below are hard number results from the sales, rankings, and streams of projects that i’ve managed, creative directed, or publicized — though I usually take on a combination of roles.




Charting Singles/EP’s/LP’s


Social Media Subscribers

I’m known best for my work in management, but I truly shine in the position of a creative director and producer. I have designed and executed hundreds of marketing plans. Here are some of my favorite activations and content pieces i’ve brought to life.



Prince Fox & Bella Thorne

Just Call

Gabriel Black

Character Animation


Tomorrow Today

Through managing musicians, I have learned leadership, problem solving, and most importantly, how to get projects done on time, on brand, and on budget. Here’s some of the clients I have worked with.

I love art, which is why I enjoy working with artists of all mediums, but as they say in showbiz, “if you can’t walk the walk, how are you gonna talk the talk”… They say that right? My experience has made me a perfect liaison between creatives, but I’ve never been afraid to roll up my sleeves and get the job done myself if that’s what it took. Here’s a quick overview of some of my skillsets as a designer and creative.


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